After we publish our first list , we can see its status on the price monitor (1).


The main table containts all the lists we publish.

Each row has 3 buttons :

     refresh (5)  , edit (6) and delete(7).

Table fields explaned:

  • The Title field (2) contains the list title and its a link to the amazon web page.
  • The Sold field counts how many items you sold.
  • The Src ID field (3) contains the ASIN of the item.
  •  The Source field is the supplier AMAZON/WALMART...
  • The Source Price field contains the item price on the supplier.
  • The Inventory field show the ASIN inventory on the supplier.
  • The Destination field points to the ebay store.
  • The Watch Count
  • The Dest Price
  • The Quantity is the quantity you publish and remain.
  • The Profit above BE 
  • The Dest ID is the ebay number and a link to the ebay sell page.