PRICE MOVE- AUTOCORRECT!! B003XXXXXXX S: 19.81=>18.74 D: 27.26=>25.94 2011123456787 Profit: 3.4=>2.3 FEES:0



The email means that Monitor identified a movement in the Amazon price. 

AUTOCORRECT:The Monitor automatically changed the price on eBay. You don't have to do anything. It is just telling you that it performed an action so you can check.

B003XXXXXXX:ASIN number on Amazon
19.81=>18.74Amazon price changed (decreased) from $19.81 to $18.74

The S stands for 'Source'.D: 27.26=>25.94   2011123456787eBay prices was automatically changed by the monitor. 

From $27.26 to $25.94.Amazon price decreased, so eBay price decreased as well to maintain the same profit.The D stands for 'Destination'.The number following the price is eBay ID.

Profit: 3.4=>2.3The original profir was $3.4. After Amazon price change it was changed to $2.3. Therefore the Monitor lower eBay price to maintain the same profit.

FEES:0 How much the change cost you. Should always be 0.

I hope that this is now more clear.

What To Do When You Receive the Email? 
If you are running 'Fixed Profit' + 'Automation' mode + 'Allow Protected Mode', you don't really have much to do. The email message is a kind of a log file where you can see all the changes that were done on your listings.It doesn't hurt once in awhile to open the email, check the changes, and make sure that all the changes that the Monitor reports actually were done and eBay prices are the same as the email suggests. If the Monitor encoutered errors while going over your account, you might see error messages that could help you understand the source of the problem. A common problem is using using too much of your ebay limit, so when the Monitor try to make a change, eBay doesn't allow it.

How To Stop Receiving the Emails:
You can configure it in 'Your Account' (at the bottom of the screen). Definetely not recommended, but it is totally up to you.